Monday, July 7, 2008

Why we love Virgin Coconut Oil on Indian Hair

Recently three clients of Indian descent came into Sunny's to pick up hair. We started talking to them about what they do to take care of their, considering that our biggest seller is Indian Hair.

Most of the hair we sell is from Southern India where they are known for growing long wavy and curly hair. The area is also known for its abundance of coconut trees.

The women told me that Indian Women don't put a lot of heat on their hair and also swear by extra virgin coconut oil. They recommended rubbing just a little bit on the ends every few days or using it as a pre-wash conditioning treatment.

So at Sunny's we have decided to try this regimen on our Indian Hair Extensions. And we all agree that coconut oil is amazing.

Let's first disclose that prior to using coconut oil, we strongly discouraged women from using any type of oil on Indian Hair. For the most part using oil on Indian Hair just overwhelms the hair shaft. Oils in the US tend to be filled with cheap fillers such as mineral oil or petroleum that clog the scalp and cuticle of the hair shaft. Many people who experience tangling with Indian hair do so because they use oily products that they would use on their own hair.

So... imagine our reluctance about using Coconut oil on our Indian hair extensions. But we all report after using it for about 3 weeks just as instructed we have noticed the following:

1. It has eliminated dandruff: We all have varying degrees of dandruff but we have all noticed that using a tiny amount of coconut oil on our scalp every other day we have completely eliminated any issues with dandruff.
2. It give our own natural hair a healthy but subtle shine: Not only does the coconut oil give the Indian hair a nice sheen it also works wonders on our hair that we have left out of our extensions. I personally put a little on before flat-ironing my hair with a FHI and it didn't sizzle the hair nor leave it heavy and greasy.
3. Our hair actually absorbs the oil: This is the best part... there is no grease spots on our pillowcase or chunky heavy hair that has been coated with oil. After rubbing it in... it just melts into our hair shaft.
4. It eliminated the annoy post extensions itch: Three days post weave it is typical to experience itching. With the coconut oil, no such fate!
5. The ends are tame: Sometimes Indian Hair if left untrimmed has split ends but we noticed that the coconut oil works to tame any split ends and leave the hair looking healthy.

So the unanimous consensus is that Coconut Oil on Indian Hair is simply amazing!

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TriceyIzA10 said...

Where will I be able to purchase coconut oil? I am located in Pasadena,CA.